Anointed Clergy

Caring, Experienced, Trustworthy

Spiritual Prosperity

Serving our community to all people, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, or any other defining characteristic.  

Our services celebrate baptisms, officiate at weddings, officiate funerals, and serve in hospice ministries. 

with Anointed Clergy

More About Eagle Eye Signings & Mobile Notary


Eagle Eye Signings & Mobile Notary, LLC is a 100% mobile notary service, serving Houston and the surrounding areas. Eagle Eye Signings & Mobile Notary is “Houston’s Premier Mobile Notary” simply because we provide exceptional service to our clients. We know that business does not stop at 5:00p.m., when corporate America closes their doors for the day. We know that emergencies occur at any given time. Whatever the reason may be, when you call, we are available.

Eagle Eye Signings & Mobile Notary, LLC  is your one-stop shop for Notary needs. Our job is to take the burden off of our client and we take pride in anticipating and meeting the needs of our clients by providing additional services such as: mobile scanning, mobile faxing, the printing of documents, split signings, providing of witness(es), and document courier delivery.

The Notaries of Eagle Eye Signings & Mobile Notary, LLC are nationally background screened, bonded and insured providing peace of mind for the client.


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Networking with Peers:

Planting seeds, watering roots, and nurturing relationships among our fellow Notaries / LSA.


Book clubs and Women Empowerment:

Goals ~ will be establishing, building, and working with a supportive network of relationships in mind.

Promote networking as a positive lifestyle that enhances the world through allowing like minds to connect and contribute to each other.

Be that conduit that sparks activity that ripples through everything Notary Public related.


We look forward to hearing from you!